About Me

I am Panna, the owner of Pannabag! I am a biochemist researcher, who have a passion for crafting and making bags. I love doing research, hanging out with DNAs & proteins :), but I was always looking for something, which has more immediate relevance to the real world.

The idea of Pannabag was born in 2011, during my graduate studies, when I wanted to make some extra money. I grabbed scrap leathers from the attic of my cousin's furniture workshop and I started to experiment with building bags.

Each bag is completely hand-crafted by myself. Because they are handmade and mostly made from recycle leather, no two bags are ever going to be exactly the same! I am making my bags with Big Hungarian Love with a speck of Californian spirit!

Please contact me if you want to order custom and check out my current inventory on etsy! Happy shopping! With love and chill, Panna.